Proactive Health Solutions For Employers
Proactive Risk Solutions offers tax savings while
helping to create healthier employees


Proactive Health Solutions For Employees
In most cases, maintain current take-home pay
AND increase supplemental health benefit coverage


Proactive Health Solutions For YOU
Use an online risk assessment to focus
on your personal wellness


Proactive Health Solutions
Creates Better Health

Personalized programs to improve
overall health

Benefits & Savings

Employers save on payroll taxes while employees gain access to preventative care—with almost no change in pay. Our solutions benefit the employer as well as the employee, resulting in the ultimate win-win scenario.

Program Features

Personalize your preventative care program using interactive online coaching. Focus on your areas of need with practically no additional out-of-pocket expense. Your options, your choices, your savings.


The Proactive Health Management Plan (PHMP) is designed to reverse the current state of the healthcare benefits industry by giving more benefits for less money.
It’s that simple!

Proactive Risk Solutions Works for You

The Proactive Health Management Plan is a limited medical indemnity plan with a fixed benefit payment for participation. The plan provides health and lifestyle coaches specializing in fields ranging from personal training to life coaching. The PHMP initiates and reinforces quality behavioral changes. Better choices and behavioral changes result in lasting health and greater productivity in the workplace. The Proactive Health Management Plan works.


Access to Health and Lifestyle Coaches


Participate in Preventative Health Care Screenings


Additional Life and Health Benefits

Why now?

Employers are looking for ways to offset increased expenses and still offer their employees superior health benefits.

  • Huge cost shifting to employees is now at a critical tipping point
  • Medically related bankruptcies are rising at an alarming pace, even when covered by major medical plans
  • Health Insurance alone is not getting the job done
  • Proactive Health Management is a way to curb future medical issues and control costs

How PRS works

Employers define contribution plans from which employees select their options. Employees then contribute monthly to the plan. These contributions are pre-tax and are excluded from taxable income. Employees and employers both benefit from reduced payroll tax obligations. Employees receive their benefits in the form of Proactive Health Management participation.

Proactive Health Management

Explore the options we have to offer with our Proactive Health Management Plan. Find out how we can help maximize your benefits while minimizing out-of-pocket expenses.