About Proactive Risk Solutions

The Proactive Risk Solutions team is comprised of seasoned benefits specialists, customer service experts, health and lifestyle coaches, legal teams skilled in health care laws and legislation, and a data-driven application to ensure that each Proactive Health Management Plan provides the best possible coverage and options to employees and the greatest tax savings to employers.

Improved health means a stronger, happier workforce — employees that are more capable and feel more empowered. At the same time, reduced tax expenditures bolster finances, allowing management to focus on reinforcing and expanding their businesses, while providing employees with supplemental benefit coverage and access to exclusive programs.

Throughout our busy modern lives, we experience ebbs and flows in our physical well-being, and are often too busy to stop and consider the risks we’re running — including the development of serious or life-threatening illnesses. But with the expertise, encouragement and resources of Proactive Risk Solutions, healthy lifestyles can become the new normal: preventing, diminishing, and in some cases, eliminating health woes altogether.

Proactive Risk Solutions is committed to promoting healthy lifestyles. To learn more about the benefits of our Proactive Health Management Plans, visit our Benefits and Savings page, or for more details on the robust options of the Proactive Health Management Plans themselves, check out our Program Features. And if you’re ready to start feeling better about both your health and your business, contact us today!