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The Proactive Health Management Plan is a limited medical plan with an indemnity payment for participation. The plan provides health and lifestyle coaches specializing in fields ranging from personal training to life coaching. Each certified coach combines educational material, telemedicine access and much more to provide a comprehensive Proactive Health Management Plan. The PHMP initiates and reinforces quality behavioral changes. Better choices and behavioral changes result in lasting health and greater productivity in the workplace. The Proactive Health Management Plan works.

Proactive Risk Solutions Works for You!

Proactive Risk Solutions has a unique Proactive Health Management Plan that uses a limited benefit health insurance plan to provide preventive care to create healthy living habits. Healthy living is just one of the rewards of the Proactive Health Management Plan. The Proactive Health Management Plan provides a fully insured indemnity payment directly to participating employees. These payments can be used to offset expenses—or however they want. Of course, these benefits can be paid to other entities if employees provide the direction to do so.

Driven by participation in healthy living activities, directed by Health Risk Assessment and consultation, PHMPs are designed to integrate and complement your medical plans to promote healthier, more productive employees. Healthier employees result in lower medical plan costs and improved productivity over time.

Corporate benefits have changed! Proactive Risk Solutions is here to guide your business into the most beneficial and comprehensive corporate health and lifestyle management program available today.


A daily indemnity payment is paid for days that you are confined to the hospital for illness or injury.



PHMP-certified nutritionists are experts in food and nutrition, providing individualized dietary plans to promote healthier lifestyles or achieve specific health-related goals.


Talk to a doctor anytime, anywhere. Our network of licensed doctors are standing by 24/7 to help. They can diagnose, treat and often prescribe for an array of medical issues right over the phone—even from the comfort of your couch!


Biometric Screening identifies risk factors for illnesses such as diabetes and cardiovascular disease years before full onset. Our wellness coaches analyze screening data to provide and monitor adaptive strategies and solutions.


PHMP contains a Health Risk Assessment (HRA) to determine which aspects of an employee’s well-being require attention. PHMP uses the collected data to customize a program to each individual’s needs.


PHMP-certified trainers and health coaches understand the importance of an initial client screening and assessment. Uniquely tailored training and prevention programs are built to address the health needs and goals of each employee. These coaches provide prevention plans, encouragement and follow-up to monitor progress and adjust programs.


DNA screening provides information pertaining to diet, nutrition and exercise. Data generated from testing genetic markers in a number of genes can be used to understand how to modify lifestyle and behaviors for optimum wellness.


The Proactive Risk Solutions PHMP provides many additional indemnity benefits to assess your current health. Those benefits include:

  • Bone Marrow Testing
  • Stress Test (Bicycle or Treadmill)
  • CA 15-3 (Breast Cancer)
  • CEA (Blood Test for Colon Cancer)
  • Chest X-Ray
  • PSA (Prostate Cancer)
  • Serum Protein Electrophoresis (Myeloma)
  • Breast Ultrasound
  • Thermography (Infrared Photo)

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